QuickFee Pay Later

Win more business by offering your clients extended credit terms or offer payment plans as an effective debtor management tool.

Prepare a quote

Preparing a quote is easy. Just enter some basic client information in your QuickFee account and send to your client.

You get paid in full

Once your client is approved and accepts the terms, the full amount is in your bank account within 1-3 business days.

Your clients want more flexible payment options

Make it easy to buy from you by offering your clients additional ways to pay. Up front or over time. We surveyed over 4000 clients of leading accounting and law firms on why they had used a payment plan by QuickFee to pay their fees over time. The results are below.

Why did you select to pay with a payment plan?

Help with cash flow

How important is it that payment plans are offered?

Very Important

How would you rate QuickFee in terms of ease of use?

Very Easy

A QuickFee Success Story

With QuickFee we were aiming to solve three problems; the first one was to provide our clients with an opportunity to pay by installments, the second one was of course to improve our cash flow and liquidity, and the third one was to manage our debtors even better, in particular long outstanding debts.

Simon Fermanis, Senior Audit Partner, PKF


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